Below you can find logos, similar to the loreal cosmetic.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay Cosmetics vector
Pharma Cosmetics Pharma Cosmetics vector
Laura Cosmetics Laura Cosmetics vector
Londa Cosmetics Londa Cosmetics vector
Naturelle Cosmetics Naturelle Cosmetics vector
Mary Kay Cosmetics 226 Mary Kay Cosmetics 226 vector
Urban Decay Cosmetics Urban Decay Cosmetics vector
Cosmetic Dental Care Cosmetic Dental Care vector
Avon Cosmetics Polska Avon Cosmetics Polska vector
Cosmetics International Cosmetics International vector
Center professional cosmetics Center professional cosmetics vector
Calvin Klein Cosmetics Calvin Klein Cosmetics vector
Elixir Cosmetics Elixir Cosmetics vector
Elixir cosmetics Elixir cosmetics  vector