Below you can find logos, similar to the NSI.

Universitas Osloensis Universitas Osloensis vector
Ensigma Technologies 190 Ensigma Technologies 190 vector
Cocolino Sensitive Cocolino Sensitive vector
Vaseline Intensive Care 87 Vaseline Intensive Care 87 vector
Camelot Computer Forensics Camelot Computer Forensics vector
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 205 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 205 vector
NSI Software NSI Software vector
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 95 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 95 vector
Lansing Lugnuts 111 Lansing Lugnuts 111 vector
Dairy InSight Dairy InSight vector
The University of Wisconsin Madison 156 The University of Wisconsin Madison 156 vector
Tonsil Tonsil vector
Insinia Insinia vector
Energy Suspension Energy Suspension vector
Extension Extension vector