Below you can find logos, similar to the HT Instruments.

Wright Wright vector
Yubright Yubright vector
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 188 Anaheim Mighty Ducks 188 vector
FCI Ophthalmics FCI Ophthalmics vector
MightyLift MightyLift vector
Dorn Bracht Dorn Bracht vector
CRG Winning Instruments CRG Winning Instruments vector
Lighting Associates Lighting Associates vector
UND Fighting Sioux 39 UND Fighting Sioux 39 vector
Coldrex Night Coldrex Night vector
Tread Lightly! Tread Lightly! vector
eResearchTechnology eResearchTechnology vector
Vluchtelingenverdrag Vluchtelingenverdrag vector
Girl's Night Out 36 Girl's Night Out 36 vector