Below you can find logos, similar to the Cadbury Schweppes .

Schweppes 48 Schweppes 48 vector
Schweppes Schweppes vector
Schweppes logo rus Schweppes logo rus vector
Schweppes Schweppes  vector
Cadbury Cadbury vector
Cadbury Cadbury  vector
Cadbury space Cadbury space  vector
Cadbury 21 Cadbury 21 vector
Cadbury Space Mission Cadbury Space Mission vector
dirol cadbury 1 dirol cadbury 1 vector
Schweppes 45 Schweppes 45 vector
Schweppes 46 Schweppes 46 vector
schweppes2 1 schweppes2 1 vector
Cadbury Gerb Cadbury Gerb  vector
schweppes1 1 schweppes1 1 vector