Below you can find logos, similar to the ARS .

Pillars Pillars vector
Caesars Pasta Caesars Pasta vector
Lunarstorm Lunarstorm vector
Marshall Herd 201 Marshall Herd 201 vector
Dallas Stars 59 Dallas Stars 59 vector
Arsenal 472 Arsenal 472 vector
Larson Boats Larson Boats vector
Southern Jaguars 129 Southern Jaguars 129 vector
sed marsed bw sed marsed bw vector
Knoxville Ice Bears Knoxville Ice Bears vector
Varsity Gold 82 Varsity Gold 82 vector
Clearswift Clearswift vector
Krasnoyarsk Fair Krasnoyarsk Fair vector
Novi Sad 75 Years Novi Sad 75 Years vector
Clearswift 172 Clearswift 172 vector