Below you can find logos, similar to the APL .

Staples 37 Staples 37 vector
The Kaplan Thaler Group The Kaplan Thaler Group vector
General Magnaplate General Magnaplate vector
Terraplanet Terraplanet vector
Toronto Maple Leafs 149 Toronto Maple Leafs 149 vector
MapleRidge MapleRidge vector
Maple Maple vector
Toronto Maple Leafs 150 Toronto Maple Leafs 150 vector
APlus APlus vector
Zaplet Zaplet vector
Mediaplex Mediaplex vector
Staples Staples vector
Swiss Paraplegic Foundation Swiss Paraplegic Foundation vector
mapleleafs com mapleleafs com vector
Swiss Paraplegics Association 174 Swiss Paraplegics Association 174 vector