Below you can find logos, similar to the AMS.

Iams Pet Foods 3 Iams Pet Foods 3 vector
AMS 147 AMS 147 vector
Amstell Amstell vector
LaMSF LaMSF vector
Ramstore 93 Ramstore 93 vector
Amsterdam Admirals Amsterdam Admirals vector
Williams Sound Williams Sound vector
DreamSuite Productions DreamSuite Productions vector
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 80 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 80 vector
IAMS 8 IAMS 8 vector
Crane Cams 17 Crane Cams 17 vector
Amsoil 151 Amsoil 151 vector
Hogeschool van Amsterdam Hogeschool van Amsterdam vector
Amsterdamsche Amsterdamsche vector
Samsung 133 Samsung 133 vector